• Write@YA Episode 10: Talkin’ Bout My Motivation

    What drives us? What drives our characters? Why do we do the things we do and want the things we want? This is not just some overthought Livejournal entry! This […]

  • Write@YA Episode 9: Setting Character Goals

    Today we’re taking a deeper dive into character goals. Whether it’s goal posts or squad goals or something a little larger-than-life, our characters need to strive for something. We talk […]

  • Write@YA Episode 8: Intro to Goal, Motivation, Conflict

    Today we embark on a short series diving into the “GMC” we (and Jo) are always talking about. Goal (what your character wants) Motivation (why they want it) Conflict (what’s […]

  • Write@YA Episode 7: Building a World Worth Reading

    When it’s fully realized, a setting can feel like a character. It can draw in the reader, it can have its own dramatic arc, it can make the whole story […]

  • Write@YA Episode 6: Character Overview

    Without characters, our stories are … a series of events. Those events are not unfortunate until they matter to someone. With that in mind, this week why dig in to […]

  • Write@YA Episode 5: Dive Into Plot

    Plot drives our stories and causes our characters — and those of us writing them — all kinds of headaches. Today we talk about what plot is, how it shapes […]

  • Write@YA Episode 4: After Drafting

    Today marks just beyond the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, but we’re skipping ahead a few pages and talking about what, exactly, we do after we write “THE END” on a […]

  • Write@YA Episode 3: First Drafts

    It was the best of drafts, it was the worst of drafts.  You can’t fix a blank piece of paper, but you can’t expect your first draft to be amazing, […]

  • Write@YA Episode 2: Outlining

    Once you’ve got an idea all squared away, how do you cross that weird divide between “I have an idea” and “I have started to write a book?”  With an […]

  • Write@YA Episode 1: Idea Generation

    Hello and welcome to an all-new writing podcast — based in part on an old writing podcast we used to do! It’s Write@YA, and we hope to help. This week […]