• Write@YA Episode 9: Setting Character Goals

    Today we’re taking a deeper dive into character goals. Whether it’s goal posts or squad goals or something a little larger-than-life, our characters need to strive for something. We talk […]

  • Write@YA Episode 8: Intro to Goal, Motivation, Conflict

    Today we embark on a short series diving into the “GMC” we (and Jo) are always talking about. Goal (what your character wants) Motivation (why they want it) Conflict (what’s […]

  • Write@YA Episode 7: Building a World Worth Reading

    When it’s fully realized, a setting can feel like a character. It can draw in the reader, it can have its own dramatic arc, it can make the whole story […]

  • Write@YA Episode 6: Character Overview

    Without characters, our stories are … a series of events. Those events are not unfortunate until they matter to someone. With that in mind, this week why dig in to […]

  • Write@YA Episode 5: Dive Into Plot

    Plot drives our stories and causes our characters — and those of us writing them — all kinds of headaches. Today we talk about what plot is, how it shapes […]

  • Write@YA Episode 4: After Drafting

    Today marks just beyond the halfway point of NaNoWriMo, but we’re skipping ahead a few pages and talking about what, exactly, we do after we write “THE END” on a […]

  • Write@YA Episode 3: First Drafts

    It was the best of drafts, it was the worst of drafts.  You can’t fix a blank piece of paper, but you can’t expect your first draft to be amazing, […]

  • Write@YA Episode 2: Outlining

    Once you’ve got an idea all squared away, how do you cross that weird divide between “I have an idea” and “I have started to write a book?”  With an […]

  • Write@YA Episode 1: Idea Generation

    Hello and welcome to an all-new writing podcast — based in part on an old writing podcast we used to do! It’s Write@YA, and we hope to help. This week […]

  • UpvoteYA Episode 16: On Pacing in Revisions

    Sometimes life comes at you fast. Other times it takes a bit longer to get everything just perfect. Like a podcast episode. (Ahem.) Prose can be like that too. So […]